Oils 101

Doesn’t it seem like “Essential Oils” is the new buzz-term? Well, it is. And it’s about time, because these things have been around for ages. Frankincense, for instance, has been used for thousands of years. If you are familiar with the nativity story, you can see where I am going here.

What are they?

Essential Oils are the purest part of a natural plant product. It’s essence, in other words.

What do you do with them?

There are three main ways to use essential oils.

  1. Topical – The oil is applied to the skin, with or without a protective carrier-oil, or added to skin care products, like unscented moisturizer.
  2. Aromatic – The oil is diffused with water or inhaled.
  3. Dietary – Oils are added to vegetable capsules and taken orally, or added to food or water.

How do I know how to use each oil?

Well, I have created a handy spreadsheet for your convenience. But, most importantly, each bottle of Young Living essential oil contains a label that has exclusive directions for that particular oil.

Click the Oils tab above for the guide. (coming soon)

How do you get an essential oil?

There are four ways of extracting an essential oil from a plant product.

  1. Steam Distillation (most common)
  2. Cold Pressing (used for citruses)
  3. Resin Tapping (rare)
  4. Absolute Oil Extraction (Jasmine & Neruli, only)

Why should I buy Young Living Essential Oils rather than a competitor?

Young Living has a Seed to Seal commitment that guarantees only the highest grade oils reach you, the consumer. There are four grades of essential oils, and YL only uses the highest.

  1. Therapeutic – pure, and made from sustainable plants. These oils have the optimal levels of plant compounds and this is the only grade that Young Living produces.
  2. Organic/Natural – these oils pass growing standards and may smell just as potent but it is unclear how much natural plant compounds are included, thereby these can’t be guaranteed as effective.
  3. Extended/Altered – used for their aroma only and not for plant compounds, therefore having little to no compounds
  4. Synthetic – created in a lab to smell like an essential oil

What are the other products sold by Young Living and why should I consider them?

Young Living is not just about oils, but about health and wellness. As such, the company offers an array of products for the home, for travel/leisure and for work/school, to bring out the best you. This includes cleaning products made with the popular Thieves blend, body products using Lavender, protein snack options, immune boosting capsules and more. I’m not here to sell you every product that Young Living offers. I’m here to introduce you to the benefits of essential oils and with that, the benefits of products made with these oils.

Have any other questions? Contact me, or visit YoungLiving.com for more information.