No More Poo!

How many of you have a can of spray potpourri in your bathroom? I’m sure most of you do.  I do. I have a Yankee Candle Fresh Bamboo room spray in one and a Glade powder-scented spray.

I don’t know about you, but it always seems ‘safer’ to have some kind of scented spray available. If not for your own family, then for company. Ever had to ‘go’ in someone else’s house? Ever been super thankful to find a spray on the counter?

But there are two things that I have always hated about the spray potpourri that I’ve purchased. The first is the overpowering scent that fills the air immediately after spraying. And spraying too much leaves me gagging. A couple of years ago while teaching middle school literature, a coworker leaving a bathroom in the middle school wing was greeted by an 8th grader shouter, “Smells like a coverup!” All you could smell in the hallway was artificial flowers. I credit my coworker for keeping his cool during the embarrassment! The second thing that always bugged me was the residue. As you spray you can see the particles just falling over every surface in the room. And knowing how chock full of chemicals these store sprays are, it always made me feel a bit icky about where those chemicals were ending up. How many of you keep toothbrushes on the counter? Even in with caps I still feel like some of that gunk cold end up on the brush, and then in your mouth. Gross!

A friend of mine and fellow Young Living distributor shared her recipe for a bathroom spray. I took her recipe and ran with it to create my own version for my own home. It’s quick and easy and completely safe.

FullSizeRender (4)

What you need:

  • Spray bottle – I used these 4oz cobalt blue bottles from Amazon
  • Water – I used distilled water to keep my recipes pure and prevent any mineral built up
  • 15-20 drops of Essential Oils of your choice – I used Young Living Lemon (10 drops) and Purification (8 drops)

Just mix it all together and voila!

I’ve just ordered some waterproof labels from Amazon. I have multiple spray bottles of all types around the house so just to be safe, I need to label all my concoctions!

*Credit for the original recipe (Water + 15 drops Purification) goes to Tamar at Tangerines & Thyme!

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