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Step 3: Cleaning 101

There is no replicating that scent of “clean” that we have come to expect from the products we use to clean our homes. A DIY or alternative cleaner that is free from toxins and artificial everything is exactly that. Free from the harsh cleaning chemicals and free of artificial scent.

It’s a choice that you make, for yours and your family’s health. But sometimes, it’s a choice that takes some getting used to.

Case in point: Laundry bombs.

I made homemade laundry bombs (called bombs because they were molded in a tbsp measuring spoon). They worked just as well as any other laundry detergent that I used, powder or liquid. But they just didn’t have that ‘clean’ smell. My laundry was clean, but it didn’t smell clean. In fact, it had no smell.

So you have two options here. Procure your own ingredients to create your own cleaners and household products (you will need A LOT of baking soda and white vinegar), or buy natural products at the store or online. While the first is certainly cheaper, it does have its drawbacks, finding and storing all the bulk ingredients as well as learning two love the smell of vinegar. Plus, it takes more time and initial monetary investment.

There are A LOT of new brands and products flooding the market that are designed to appeal to the conscientious consumer. They are free of toxins and artificial perfumes. But they also can cause a bit of a dent in the wallet.

If you are considering making the switch from your normal household cleaner (I am a former Mr. Clean girl, myself), you may have to shop around a bit to find one that works for you.

Young Living has a handful of options for you to try. I was skeptical myself as some of the ingredients sound like they could be harsh but a quick google search showed me that a couple of the ingredients I was worried about were actually a salt that is derived from certain oils/milks (sodium lauroyl lactylate) and a fatty acid derived from coconut with added sugars (lauryl glucoside).thieves

Young Living uses Thieves, an essential oil blend, as well as other essential oils (such as cinnamon, clove & lemon), all 100% therapeutic grade, for their line of household cleaners. They offer dish soap, laundry soap, household cleaner, fruit & veggie wash, waterless hand cleaner, and wipes. The other ingredients listed are mainly derivatives of salts, sugars and fatty acids. Pictured right is the household cleaner. This is concentrated and gets mixed with water prior to use.


lavender-multi-surface-everyday-cleanerMrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is another brand that I recently encountered, this time at Target. The prices are slightly higher that the standard counterpart but just like YL, use essential oils and renewable plant materials as the base to create their blends.This brand has A LOT of products and what is really nice is that their website contains a full list of every ingredient used. Each item is charted as to where it came from and what its particular use is in the product. There ARE artificial scents in some of the Mrs. Meyer’s products, marked as “safe synthetic fragrance ingredients.” They are mixed with essential oils but there is no specifics as to how much artificial scent you are getting compared to scent derived from essential oils. These products, including the multi-surface cleaner come in numerous scents and are ready to use (no mixing with water).

If I were only comparing these two product lines (both which smell great and work well) I would choose Young Living because of the artificial scents used in some of Mrs. Meyer’s. However, knowing that Mrs. Meyer’s is available at my local stores, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab some if I were in a pinch.

I will be posting again as I find and try new products. I also encourage all of you to do your research first as well. What you should be looking for are products that are concentrated (you dilute it yourself with water – prices don’t seem so scary when you have to do this) as opposed to ready to use, products that don’t use artificial or lab-created scents, as well as biodegradable and sustainable plant-derived materials. And I promise, this won’t take you long. Simply find the product’s ingredient list online and punch each unfamiliar item into a search.

Happy Cleaning!



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