Step 2: Artificial Scents

Change is never easy. Nor is it cheap. 

I started making small changes when I became pregnant the first time, and now that I’m home with three little ones, the time has never been more right to continue this journey to a healthier me, a healthier family, and a healthier home. I begin experimenting with homemade cleaning products as a way to healthier and money-saving alternative to traditional products. I mean why does laundry detergent need to be blue? What purpose does that color serve? And what unnatural chemicals were used to turn it blue? I’m halfway to a chemical-free cleaning routine. Next up, counter spray to replace my Mr. Clean!

Step 2: Artificial Scents

I confess. I LOVE candles. I’m still a traditionalist at heart and will splurge on the occasional Yankee Candle. After all, one of my favorite day trips is to the flagship store up in South Deerfield. Granted, I spend more on fancy spice mixes and Christmas/Halloween village pieces, but I have a weakness for a good deal. In a perfect world, I would just throw out all the candles and call it a day. But a weakness is a weakness. And I don’t waste money. 

I have candles, an electric wax burner, numerous plug-ins, spray air fresheners and a few automatic sprayers. Sure, my house smells great. But my wallet is rather thin. 

When did we as a society  decide that there has to be a smell for something to be pleasing? The smell of a counter freshly cleaned, fresh laundry from the dryer, or even a fresh puff of some random cotton-y scent as you walk into a new room. Why is it that when laundry do ant smell ‘good’ we just assume it smells bad. No smell doesn’t mean bad. And it’s taken me a little while to really embrace this idea. I don’t want my house to smell bad. And some kind of air freshener right when you walk into someone’s house gives the impression of a well-cared for home. 

This step is certainly a challenge for me. 

I don’t light candles often. But I’ve made a commitment that when I do it will only be in open and ventilated areas of my home, like the dining or living room. 

I’ve removed all articulated scent makers from the bedrooms. Candles, plug-ins, and sprays. There is not a lot of ventilation up here and I see no need to artificially scent the rooms whose sole purpose is for us to sleep. It’s also much much healthier for my family and I not to be breathing in these chemicals. 

I have decided to let all my remaining refills for automatic sprayers and air fresheners run out. When they’re gone, they’re gone. My lungs will thank me and so will my wallet. 

I’ve been using my Young Living diffuser in my bedroom almost nightly. The Purification blend is our favorite at the moment and it’s nice to have the aroma and cool mist. It takes away the staleness that sometimes permeates the air. We do have a humidifier as well, and will use it to help alleviate the dry air from running the heat as the fall and winter come. 

I also ordered a sea-themed diffuser for the girls’ bedroom. They only have one window which stays locked fo safety reasons. 

 At some point I would like to purchase a third diffuser, this one for our first floor. Right now, with the girls being so young, there aren’t many places that are both out of their reach but also somewhere open to get the maximum benefit. 
So a few essential oil diffusers and some nice homemade citrus-y cleaners. Safe from chemicals and artificial perfumes, but still give off just enough scent to please the senses.

– Amanda


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