Welcome to Naturally Simple, Naturally Pure!

Welcome to, Naturally Simple, Naturally Pure!

I am not a vegan, nor am I a vegetarian. I love milk, I love eggs and I love bacon. I sometimes drink soda. And yes, I have been known to stop at a drive-thru now and again. I’ve dyed my hair with a box and painted my nails with toxic nail polish. I’ve downed more than one serving of Nyquil to quell an obnoxious cold and let my sheets go unwashed for longer than I should have.

But hey, no one is perfect.

We are all fatally flawed. It’s our nature as human beings. At times we can be selfish and we can be cruel. We can forget about our own well-being for the sake of instant gratification, or to feel more beautiful. We eat too much and we do too little. We drive our gas-guzzling cars and buy, consume and discard so much that is harmful to ourselves and the environment. And sometimes, we do too much that we know is wrong and too little that we know is right.

Depressed yet?

I was.

Just over two years ago my husband and I found out that I was pregnant. And in this age of technology I did as any pregnant women would do. I googled. I googled the google out of google. And WebMD. And LiveStrong. And Parents.com. And TheBump.com. I read every blog I could and I began Pinterest boards on everything related to pregnancy and babies.

There were many things that I discovered that surprised me and some that didn’t. Everyone knows that alcohol is a no no. But so is caffeine. And deli meat. I mean I would have killed someone during my pregnancy to have an Italian grinder from my favorite sub shop. And of course it makes sense that what you put on your skin does actually filter into your body and can into your bloodstream. But who really thinks of that? I stopped painting my nails, stopped wearing makeup, stopped dyeing my hair and even stopped using acne cream on break-outs because it contained salicylic acid.

Those 40 weeks and two days gave me a lot to think about. Even after my daughter was born, I thought twice about those behaviors I had abstained from because it was still about her. I needed to be my healthiest self for her. I needed to be her role model.

I have to admit that change comes really slowly. But there was no question. It had to be done. My husband and I agreed that we would try to maintain a healthier lifestyle. And we would do this two ways. First, we would eat better and do more. And second, we would try to reduce the number of chemicals that we consume, use and breathe in.

Four months after our daughter was born we found out that I was pregnant again, this time with twin girls. After the girls were born my husband and I came to the difficult decision that I would stay home and he would work. And next year, I would go back to teaching.

So now, as a stay-at-home mom of three, currently an eighteen month old and seven month old twins, I hear the call for a natural lifestyle so much more clearly. I have the time to make dinner rather than order out. I have the time to make my own laundry bombs. Okay, so maybe it takes me three days to do something that would take just an hour without kids around, but I get it done. I can put in the time to scrub my stove coils with baking soda and use vinegar to eliminate pet odors. It has taken time, but I have concluded that for the sake of our health, I am willing to trade in the convenience and the cost-savings of a chemical-laden product, for something that I know to be safe.

In my quest for a healthier lifestyle over the last two years, I have tried many new things. And there have been two companies that I have purchased from that I trust. While pregnant, my skin care routine was punctuated with Pure Haven products (formerly Ava Anderson), and my homemade laundry care items were made with essential oils from Young Living. I will be the first to admit that I am not a salesperson. I am not at ease in unfamiliar social settings, but I believe in these two companies, and I believe in the products that they sell. If I can help ease cold symptoms with the use of oils instead of medication, wash my clothes with a safe and chemical-free detergent, and use all-natural skin care products on myself and my girls, then I will.

So if you are interested in making changes in your life, stick around, and explore my growing site. My goal is to share my experiences with a naturally simple and naturally pure lifestyle. And if I can convince just one family to try something new, then I will consider this site to be a success.

All the best,



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